Market and Spawn mishap + Update
Written by nikon662

Unleashed was updated to recommended 1.1.7!!!!!!
Recently the Feed The Beast Monster server was having a crashing issue due to ID mismatches. I do not know how the config files were changed or rolled back to an incorrect version... but it happened.  While I was working on repairing the server someone had started the server after I had deleted the mods and config folder and prepared to upload them again. Any loaded chunks lost all modded blocks due to this. Most of spawn has been restored and a lot of market has been restored as well.  Not all of market was restored unfortunately. However, if you send me a message on Enjin, I will be glad to return any items lost, within reason, I know some of you did not lose a deep storage unit of Quantum Suits ;) .  I am extremely sorry for this and i am going to be making backups quite more frequent so things like this are less detrimental to players such as yourself.  Again, I'm very sorry about this and remember, you're a beautiful person, regardless of what the mirror says.