May Update
Written by sxjx
Hello Sky Servers!

Welcome to May! I hope you are all still powering through the year and aren't getting worked too hard with work/uni and school! We had an amazing turnout for colourjump plots, and I am really excited to see them all added once we fix a few little issues with the game. Thank you to everyone who participated!!

For those of you who may have missed it, clients are now able to join on 1.20.5. If you run into any issues, it is best to downgrade/remain on 1.20.4.

Again, we saw some truly amazing colourjump plots last month, and it was great to see so much variety! This month, we are back to our usual month long competition, with the theme being Positive Role Models. Have something that reminds you of an important role model in your life? Their favourite flowers, an animal or even a colour? Build it!! I short little description would also be wonderful to submit alongside your build. Let's show some appreciation for those important to us!

Entries can be submitted in our /discord!

It seems I stumped a lot of you last month but incredible work to everyone who still gave it a go! Congratulations to Crackerjack27, Han_Chloe and Pinkster_yeahboi on earning themselves 30k each.

This month's theme is Mother's Day! - /warp wordsearch

Great work voting through April, but we can do far better! A big thank you to our three DVC: Crackerjack27 [1st], baailey [2nd] & Schpleek [3rd] who have earnt themselves a $15, $10 and $5 respectively. Please pm me to redeem your vouchers!

A well deserved congratulations to our winners for April's POTM and SOTM - Crackerjack27 & Han_Chloe!

May nominations are open now > https://bit.ly/4dnN8xM