Merry Christmas
Written by IZK

Hello players!

Updates and changes

As we are implementing a bunch of new features to the server  will be reset on the 17th of December, all player data will be wiped from the server, donors will be able to get the items they've donated for just post a comment on IZK's enjin wall with your name and rank and I will get to you ASAP. We are also getting a new spawn as this is happening the server will be down for one week as of tomorrow.

  • Once we reach a stable 15 players a pvp tournament will be hosted, sign up through the forums.
  • A Koth will be implemented, fight for amazing rewards and cap the Koth.
  • Tags will replace prefixes, Spartans will be allowed to pick two tags instead of asking for a prefix change.
  • Map resets will be happen every 6 months.
  • Plot world to test cannons on different bases this allows for strategic planning when raiding someones base.

Factions prison Mine, ores like Diamonds and Emeralds all in one spot runs for 30 minutes once a week fight for your riches.

Staff Changes

- Gusto has resigned from his Head Admin position

- xLockzx has resigned from his Admin position as he is busy with work

- KarnageAU has been promoted to Super Mod, he will be looking after all of the Moderators and Pre-Mods

- BlindedCookie has taken on Pre-Mod, we wish him the best of luck in getting Moderator

- Bleeaauuh has taken on Pre-Mod, we wish him the best of luck in getting Moderator

We are now looking for staff as we have become a bit short handed, please Click here to apply for a position, we will read through each players application thoroughly and we will pick the best candidates who we think will fit the position well and be a real asset to the staff team. If your application is rejected you can always fill in another application and try again you never know you could be in the next group.

Time of year!

As we are getting closer towards christmas we have decided to put all ranks in our shop on sale, all ranks will be 50% off from December 6th to December 31st, So get in while it is cheap as another sale will not be happening for quite some time.

If you have any problems just send either IZK or Xeris a message in gameor on the forums, we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all on the server.


Your Assistant Manager