modded madness!
Written by nikon662

Results are coming in pretty nicely, I wish there were more votes though.

I AM NOT GOING TO REMOVE INFINITY, JUST IMPROVE IT! So don't worry about losing anything.

so far, the votes are pretty high on direwolf20, horizons, and skyfactory 2.

NOTE: If I make a skyfactory 2 server it will NOT be sky worlds, it will be a plain world, this is due to our history with agrarian skies, making islands big enough for people to enjoy makes the server really have issues with saving and lag.

I'm also going to really work on fixing infinity in the next few days from the suggestions I got from all of you and from Mr. Tomo.

Linked to the right is a checklist fo things im going to be working on: https://goo.gl/vdgafR