Monster Build Comp!
Written by nikon662

Hello Everyone,

I have decided to run another build competition, hopefully this one will receive more enthusiasm than the last one. There will be 3 winners of the competition, to be judged by eco_ior and myself. A massive thanks for eco for providing the prizes for this event, and asking me to run it.

This contest will run from today, 30/01/2014, through to 20/02/2014. Winners will hopefully be announced then. I am well aware that the monster server has only recently been opened, and people may not have the resources to spare, if this is the case with a lot of people, i can consider increasing the time, although 3 weeks should be plenty to get one done. There will be regular bumps to keep the competition known.

The Competition

This competition is a free build one, you can decide what to make. The only restraint is that it has to conform to the event rules. Use your imagination!

The Rules

1. The builds you create can be free build ones, however copying builds you have found off the internet, or copying other people's builds will get you disqualified.
2. Teams are allowed. However, if a team wins, the prize will be only awarded to one of the group members. You will need to decide which one of you deserves it most. Post the one your group wishes to give the reward to if you win in your entry.
3. If you do have creative mode, then you are not eligible to participate in this competition, for obvious reasons. All materials must be gathered by the player(s) involved. Buying resources is fine.
4. Try to make sure the area that your build in is claimed.
5. Your build has to be made from scratch, it cannot be a modification to an already created structure before this event.
6. No changes to the builds can be made after you have submitted your build
7. Cheating in any way will get you disqualified.
8. Inappropriate builds will not be tolerated, as in anything that does not go with server rules.

How to enter your build

When you have completed your build, you will need to make a reply to this post saying:
The x, y and z co ordinates of your build, or the name of the warp to your build. (This is preferable)
Any special features that your build has.
Screenshots of your build. (As many as you want)
You are welcome to provide a backstory to your build in your post.
Please note, once you have submitted your build, you cannot make changes to it, so make sure you are done. You are welcome to submit your build at any time during the competition, but they must be done by the deadline. Builds submitted after that will not be judged.

The Prizes

1st Place: Beast rank or upgrade to Monster

2nd Place: Elite or upgrade to next level of rank

3rd Place: VIP or upgrade to next level of rank

Note: The upgrade to next rank, and the upgrade to monster only happen if you possess the rank or a higher one. If you already have monster, then at the end of the contest, we can work out a suitable reward.


1. In the case of any event, such as eco being otherwise unable to give prizes, or other unforeseen events, the contest may be cancelled.
2. The contest will go ahead, as long as there are a minimum of 5 participants. If there are less, then the contest has a chance of being cancelled.

If you have any questions, post below.

Enjoy building!