Monthly Post
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!

New Features!

We have introduced a brand new starter kit for all new players which includes a full set of iron tools, Item finder, a full trainers outfit and more!

We have also introduced a new GUI to make getting around the server so much easier! All you need to do is right click the clock which is given to you from kit tools and kit starter to see the magic!

Voting Competition!

Everybody congratulate Darkstar3241, Ender_Gamez and Jawky on winning a free rank upgrade!

All votes have been reset for this month, so will you be able to win it this month?

Build Competition

Junes winners are as follows:

vXyres with warp Palace ($30 store credit)

TastyzAppLE with warp Duck ($15 store credit)

South_North with warp SouthApoc ($5 store credit)

This months theme is: Free Build!

This month, you are allowed to build whatever you like as long as it stays within the rules! Make any new entries and view the rules here!

Player Of The Month

Everybody congratulate iRees on becoming Player Of the Month!

You can now make new nominations for July's POTM at this link!

Block By Block

Thankyou to those who supported the Block By Block Operation! For more information click here!

Player Gyms & The Elite 4

A few weeks ago we opened up the server's own Player Gyms for you guys to battle through and collect badges...and it is a success! But now onto the big thing, the real deal, the reason we have a gym system. The Elite 4. Four, single type specialist trainers who you can battle once you have collected all 8 player gym badges. "How do I become an Elite 4 Member?" I hear you say. It's simple, anyone can apply to become a member of our Elite 4. Just follow this link: http://goo.gl/forms/tX2LahFfEhrjeHVo1 and fill out the form as detailed as possible. There are no specifications for applying or becoming an E4 Member, meaning almost anyone can become one! For more information on the Player Gyms or the Elite 4, feel free to ask Ozzybuns in game for further details or head to /warp pgym.