Monthly prizes and stuffs!
Written by EggBeth111

September Build Competition

This month's theme: Autumn!

Build Competition Rules:1: One entry per person/team. 2: Entries must be original content, as original as possible please... 3: 3 People per team maximum.4: All entries must be posted on the September Build Competition thread!5: Each entry must be clearly labelled with a photo attached.6: Entries must have a warp set next to them, this will be set for free by staff if required (Only 1 free-warp per entry).7: Builds entered must have been built from the start of the event and not prior to this event.

August build competition winners1st placeEloise78 & INSpekz - /warp rabbitrun$15 store credit each (Notify us if you'd like to seperate the $30 differently)2nd placeVivalarevolution, Ghostwhisker & Ohno_Arno - /warp Notredame$7 store credit each [+$1 for easier sharing] (Notify us if you'd like to seperate the $21 differently)
3rd placeToxisApple - /warp town$10 Store Credit (you could notify us.. but it stays $10, sosnotsos)

Player of the monthThis month's player of the month : Archikai, M'kaiHe recieves a free POTM tag, he could go ask blitzy for it, or himself, I don't knowSeptember Player of the Month is now live! Nominate here: POTM Thread

Top voters: August#1 Crackerjack27#2 EnHao2005#3 Vampymadeline

They recieve a free rank upgrade! Please contact iBlitzcrank, Archikai or _Sabredog to redeem the upgrade!