Monthly Recap
Written by Tomographix

Hello everyone, and welcome to June! It was fantastic to see so many of you online for the numerous events the staff worked extremely hard on! We have a number of things lined up for this month, but before I jump into the fun stuff, I do have some important updates to share with you all!

New Restrictive Creative Plugin

For those who have previously bought our creative perk when it was listed, we have implemented a new plugin that will prevent certain actions. These blocked actions include;

- Placing certain blocks

- Breaking certain blocks

- Throwing potions, using spawn eggs, placing saplings

- Interacting with placed blocks (campfires, jukeboxes, signs, chests etc)

- Using middle-click to pick certain blocks/items

- Holding certain blocks/items

Any blocks / items placed in creative will not drop as an item if a player were to try and break them.

The creative armour that usually appears for players in creative has been disabled for the time being due to a bug. Once this bug is fixed, we’ll either be going back to the usual chainmail armour you are used to, or we'll be temporarily using leather armour.

You will be able to view a full list of blocked items here

New Trading Plugin

We have a trading plugin! This has been introduced to help with those smelly scammers or to help trade with those who you simply do not trust. You can trade items, money and XP! To initiate a trade, simply do /trade [player] or you can SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK. If you wish to accept, you can either do /trade [player] or click the command that displays in chat. To deny the trade, /trade deny

Trades can only be offered if you are within 15 blocks of the other player, and at the moment, will only be possible in the Overworld. We intend to enable it so you guys can trade in the Nether and the End as well, but we’re waiting on an update from the Developer.

With this, there is also a new flag you guys can enable / disable in /protect called Trading. Don’t want players to trade in your region? No worries! Simply set it to false and it’ll be happy days. Something that you’ll eventually notice is that compared to the normal ALLOW / DENY, this flag has the values as true / false. I know, annoying. This flag will be visible in /protect after restart.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and that you can sleep soundly knowing you can no longer be part of a potential scam.

Now for the fun stuff!

A massive congratulations to the winners of last month's build competition! Our theme was Minigames, and it was fantastic to see so many of you get onboard. We had plenty of creative entries and it was definitely a tough decision. I am pleased to announce our top three entries, who have each won themselves a $5 perk voucher! The top three minigames will be hosted on the 13th at 5pm AEST, where you guys will get to test them all out and vote on your favourite! For June, the build theme is Greek Mythology! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! More can be seen at /warp buildcomp

Voting was good last month, but I know we can definitely do better! Congratulations to our top three winners: Vampymadeline with a $15 perk voucher, Piffing with a $10 perk voucher and DeanoLS with a $5 perk voucher! Please post on Tomographix's or Bailey's wall to redeem your vouchers! Be sure to get in your 5 daily votes to earn yourselves some rewards in-game + a chance to score yourself a perk voucher as next month's DVC Winner!

A massive congratulations to caqtuz and nachose for winning our POTM and SOTM competition respectively! Make sure you nominate your choices for June's POTM and SOTM on the forums, and be sure to congratulate these two if you see them in-game!

Congratulations to the following players who earned themselves a promotion last month!

Nachose > Admin

CozierBow > Supermod

DeanoLS > Supermod

Indi_Boy > Supermod

RySci > Moderator

Harrington3rd > Moderator

Astrash > Builder

Yewzy > Creator

Awimbawe > Creator

Agentrockstars > Creator

Last but not least, a reminder that our server has a Planet Minecraft profile to showcase our player's hard work! We plan on revamping the page and showcasing more of your builds, so be sure to head on over to the page and subscribe so you don't miss out on updates! >> https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/skyservers/