Monthly Recap
Written by Tomographix

Welcome to May everyone! April was a very busy month with Easter events and the opening of the end! It was fantastic to see so many online to enjoy all of the hard work that the staff had put in.

This month we have some new events including an old favourite which will return as a part of the Mother's Day Minigame Frenzy.

You can find out more information on the upcoming events here:

>> Star Wars Skin Comp

>> Minigame Build Competition

Congratulations to the winners of last month's April Build Comp! Our theme was Easter and we saw plenty of colourful entries and some very unique ones as well! Our top three each win a $5 perk voucher each and 25k ingame cash. You can find out more information on the build competition this month at /warp mgspawn!

Congratulations to AlexPacers and Tiggyy for winning our POTM and SOTM competition respectively. With Toxic leaving the event team, Tiggyy will be more involved with the events than ever. I would also like to thank Toxic for some of the amazing work she has done on our staff team and also in the Event Manager role.

Voting for this month's player of the month is now open! You can do so here >> May POTM Voting

Voting was pretty good last month - but I think we can do better this month! We had one winner - sxjx with a $15 perk voucher and LSDeano, TwoWiseFools and crackerjack27 in equal second with a $10 perk voucher.