Monthly Update & 1.9
Written by LeprechaunMagic

Hey everyone, sorry for the late update! Anyway, lets get right into it with some updates coming this month, player of the month and this months build competition. However, I would first like to thank EVERYONE who donated during February, it was a good month for us and thats exactly what we need to help the server out.

Firstly, player of the month winner for February is:

Congratulations to SupaEli, to vote in the March Player of the month, click just here!

Last month there were no sufficient build competition entries, therefore there won't be any prizes given out. This month let us try and get at least 8 entries into the competition, there will be the usual 2 themes this month and will be reflecting the time of year and the new update!

The themes are:


tip: look into updates in the end!

Winners of the competition will recieve perk vouchers, which count towards your ingame rank.

Monday 1st March brought not only a new month but a huge update to Minecraft which included lots of new game mechanics, alterations to current dimensions such as the end, new mobs and plenty of new blocks.

We will be updating the server on 8th March in the Afternoon at some point, the server will be closed and plugins will be updated and anything new will be configured before coming out of maintenance mode. I will post an announcement when this maintenance happens. The plan is for not many plugins and perks to be affected, but there could be several issues, if you notice any issues please post on my wall here and I will try my best to fix it when I can, however we do have to wait upon updates from developers, which take a long time.

Things to look forward to with 1.9 this month:

- Access to the End Dimension (Coming soon: 12/13th March)

- New 1.9 custom perks

- Plot games

- Reduction in World-Edit restrictions

- New rewards for VoteParty

- New updated works and phrases for SSReaction

- Plenty of new blocks all accessible to allow you to experiment

Yes, Elytra wings will be allowed! Have a great month everyone, see you server side!