Monthly update & New perk!
Written by LeprechaunMagic

What a fantastic month we had in October! Awesome amount of donations, loads of nominations and plenty of build competition entries! That means prizes. November will be an even more exciting month! This is a long post, so get comfy! Have a great November everyone!

First off, the winner of Octobers player of the month was:

Congratulations on winning player of the month and enjoy your fame! You will be placed in the POTM hall of fame. Thank you to everyone that nominated and voted this month. A token of appreciation also goes out to 5SecondsOfBVB for running player of the month during October and for the forseeable future.

1st Place - TuhTanner

2nd Place - 0rchid & BaylorASF

3rd Place - TheKreeperKiller & Maester2000

Message me for prizes!

The jail that will be implemented when the punishment guidelines are updated will be:

/warp astrojail - Congratulations Astro855!

New month, new things, more fun!

Build ranks are now officially being handed out to people that apply for the position. This is available to donors at this stage and will be opening up to default players in the near future.

The theme for this months build competition:

Remembrance Day or thanksgiving

Remember, 8 entries minimum!

Today microblocks has been released into the creative shop

For only $15 you gain access to over 1000 microblocks! Ranging from burgers to pokemon!

More information can be found: HERE

The nomination thread for this months player of the month has now been released, so nominate someone you think deserves the spot!

Click here to nominate!