Monthly Update
Written by Tomographix

Welcome to November everyone! Lots has been done in the past few weeks and November is also going to be a big month in the lead up to Christmas. I would like to welcome Baailey to the position of staff manager as well as ItsMons and Spiritdox who have been promoted to the event manager role. There will be some other staffing changes coming soon as well...

We have a new Rule Book ingame! This can be accessed via /rules and /rulesdonor. Some of the rules have been updated and hopefully this format makes it a bit easier for everyone to read. Please check it out!

This month some new ranks are also being introduced ingame to reward special members of our community who win the Diamond Voting Contest, Player of the Month and Builder of the Month (given to the 1st placed player of the build comp).

The market pricings for melons, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, sugar cane, cactus, beetroot and emerald ore have also been increased to better reflect the effort taken to collect these items and balance the rewards for farming with that of mining.

This month's Minigame Frenzy will be hosted on Sunday the 10th November, starting at 6pm AEDT. We had some fantastic games the other weekend with a really great turnout from everyone!

We will also be hosting a staff roasting competition as well...

Congratulations to Pink_Sheep_UwU and A4_Papers for becoming our POTM and SOTM respectively. Don't forget to congratulate them when you see them ingame and thank you for being an amazing part of the community!

There were some truly remarkable build competition entries last month. I would like to congratulate everyone that entered. This month's theme is 'Famous Landmarks'!

1st - Dolllan with /warp spookybuild
2nd - TS_Amber with /Warp spookyship
3rd - MagicalPillz with /warp spookymagic]
JBAC5 with /warp reaper is also fantastic

Congratulations to our winners who pickup a $15, $10 and $5 per voucher and a commendation as well to JBAC5 with /warp reaper for their fantastic entry and a 20k cash bonus.

VampyMadeline - $10 Perk Voucher

irick092 - $10 Perk Voucher

_enfour and crackerjack27 - $10 Perk Voucher

Please send myself or Baailey a PM on the website with what you would like to use your perk vouchers on!