Monthly Update
Written by Tomographix

Welcome to May! 1.14 has arrived and due to what is again another problematic update, we will be waiting for 1.14.1 before I even consider updating the server. Many plugins have not even updated to 1.13 yet nevermind 1.14. Most of our custom stuff is being updated currently which is great but there are many game breaking bugs in 1.14 itself that I would like to see patched first. Later this week we may allow for 1.14 clients to join the server.

We had another fantastic month of voting and I'd like to thank all of you who made the effort. There are some issues distributing the Microblocks consistently at each vote party. I've had several developers look at this now and I don't think this issue will be 'fixed'. So for now it is a feature. The only other reliable alternative is that you only get one microblock every 24 hours which I don't think is ideal.

Congratulations to this months winners:

Swoz - $15 perk voucher

_enfour - $10 perk voucher

mattys98 - $10 perk voucher

I would like to congratulate Baailey and TwoWiseFools for becoming SOTM and POTM respectively. It is wonderful each month that our nomination process seems to be working really well and both of your contributions to our community are greatly appreciated!

Congratulations to the winners of the build competition for last month!

1st - Light_Wolvez - warp darkeaster1 - $15 Perk Voucher

2nd - Maximio - warp maxapril - $10 Perk Voucher

3rd - MoonGiggles220 - warp moongiggleseaster - $5 Perk Voucher

Our theme this month is Star Wars, so may the force be with you for your build entry!

I would like to congratulate both spacenerdy and RySci who have been promoted to our Event-Manager role. I'm really looking forward to what these guys have planned for the server in the coming months!