Monthly Update
Written by Tomographix

Welcome to March everyone! February was another busy month and I am really pleased to say that we did much better on the voting. This morning I put a new voting plugin on the server to fix the issue with dodgy rewards and this will be tested further over the coming week. If you have any cool ideas for it please let me know!

Congratulations to our voting winners this month! Please message me to redeem your perk voucher ($20, $15, $15). As a special prize everyone else inside the top 8 will also get 25k ingame cash!

cynicalwhale is our staff of the month! Their hard work ingame has paid off with a promotion recently as well and it is fantastic to have them on the team. TwoWiseFools is not only our top voter this month but also our player of the month as chosen by you.

I would like to congratulate endyenderman02 and HeyItsDannyy_ on winning our build competition this month with a $20 perk voucher.

_Ethomare_ has placed second with another highly detailed build with a $15 perk voucher.

Shaylee_m has placed third with a $10 perk voucher.

I would like to thank SamanthaJayne for being our guest judge this month for the build comp entries!