Monthly Update
Written by LeprechaunMagic

The winners of this month build competition are:

1st Place - Fader - $20 Perk Voucher

2nd Place - Astro855 - $15 Perk Voucher

3rd Place - Lukethan1 & 5SecondsOfBVB - $10 Perk voucher

Private Message me for your prizes

This month the build competition will be two themes again, to allow you guys to choose the one you most prefer, or even enter both! For there to be prizes, there must be at least 10 entries overall!

Good luck to everyone, I look forward to seeing all the awesome entries!

This month will also see the introduction of Player of the month & a monthly voting competition. Now that voting is working almost perfectly the person who generates the most votes over the month (Legitimately) will recieve a free rank upgrade in game as a reward, this will be our very own creative voting competition, best of luck!

Player of the month will be released on the 5th of September allowing you to vote for who you think is the most suitable candidate to be crowned SkyServers Creative player of the month. All of this will be explained in the thread, released on Friday 5th.

Have a great month everyone & keep building! Oh and just a heads up, keep an eye for the second part of this month, a big surprise is coming...