Monthly Update
Written by Tomographix

Build Competition

Congratulations on the following winners for the build competition!1st Place:QueenMilky$20 Perk Voucher 2nd Place:AlterEgoAUS$15 Perk Voucher 3rd Place:Pyromaniac01$10 Perk Voucher

This months theme: Animals or Pets

Post your entries here.

There also must be more than 10 entries this month!

Voting Winners Awesome work with the voting this month guys! Keep up the fantastic work.Crackerjack27$30,000 In-game Cash DuskShadow$20,000 In-game Cash MW_147$15,000 In-Game Cash Due to the current voting glitches in the Enjin voting module ingame cash will be given out until Enjin rolls out an update for this problem. Player of the MonthCongratulations to Jonohowling on being player of the month! Vote for this month here!