Monthly Update
Written by joehand1998

Have you guys seen all the new changes that’s been happening on the server this past month?Well if not let me run through them.
Staff Changesimortalshard - AdminOld_Man_Oak63 - Helper New Voting WebsiteAs the voting has increased in the past month, we have been able to add another voting site! This will increase the amount of people being on the server and make the server bigger and better! Hub SystemThe Hub System is back up and running! While in-game, do /server lobby and choose between Hunger Games,TF2,SCB and Event. Also I almost forgot, don't forget to say hi to Tomo,Hurc and Notch in the lobby! New Events/Mini-gamesOver the last month, the Staff of Event have worked really hard on making new events and mini-games for the server. Here is a list of some of the events and mini-games:/warp zombies/warp maze/warp pac-man/warp deathrace/warp boatrace/warp pvp2/warp train (parkour training)/warp crusher (rainbow crusher)There is a lot more events and mini-games to be added to the server very soon! CompetitionsThis week there will be Hungergames,SCB and TF2 competitions! All you have to do is win a game of whichever game the Admin is hosting and you will get a reward. Rewards include in-game money,diamonds, emeralds and iron! But remember you need to WIN!Don't forget about the building competition! It needs to be 9x9 and a max height of 60 blocks. for more detail go to http://www.skyservers.net/eventforum/post/last/m/6079767/viewthread/7360016-building-comp#lastGOOD LUCK DonationsI would like to say on behalf of SkyServers, thank you so much to the people who have donated to the server. If you guys didn't donate there would be no SkyServers so thank you. Also we have almost reached our donation goal! keep up the good work guys!