Monthly Updates
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!

Here is a monthly update to announce last months Competition winners and start some new Competitions!

Player Of The Month

Everybody congratulate Ender_Gamez on becoming this months Player Of The Month! He will be awarded with a [POTM] prefix.

A new Month of POTM has also started! Please make sure to nominate players here!

Build Competition

Last Months Winners:

S0apyJam with TrevanantWoods ($30 Store Credit)

DarkStar3241 with a Dragonite ($15 Store Credit)

Migu08 with Lugia ($5 Store Credit)

The new theme for May is: Nature!

Please go over to here in order to read the rules and post your entries!

Pokémon Spawns

We have altered the spawn rates of some Pokémon in order to keep the game lively and these Pokémon available to all! The Pokémon are as follows:

- Porygon - Spawns in Jungles, but has the same spawnrate as ditto, so watch out!

- Articuno - Spawns in Ice Mountains during the Day!

- Moltres - Spawns in Extremehills during the Day!

- Zapdos - Spawns in Forest Hills during the Day!

- Rayquaza - Spawns during the Day and at Dawn and Dusk!

/Breed and /Hatch Donor Items

The cooldown for both /Breed and /Hatch has been reduced to 12h.

Happy Training!