Name Changing
Written by Light_Ulquiorra

Hello PvPers

As some of you already know, Mojang has released the ability to change your in-game name; some things to note though:

1. You cannot change your name more than once per 30 days.
2. After 37 days, your previous in-game name will be "available" to others to choose.
3. Name changing is free.

The server also has a few things to note:

1. XP Keeper may not work correctly if you change your ign (in-game name).
2. Staff will not go out of their way to fix any errors due to features not working after you change your ign.
3. Inappropriate names can/will be a bannable offense; this is not so much a problem, to an extent, on PvP.
4. No changing your ign to that which may impersonate a staff member's ign, if you do, you will be banned for 30 days.

If you have any questions or are unclear as to something concerning name changing, message an Admin+ either in-game or on the website.

In other news, The Nether will be reset this weekend as will The End, if you do not want to lose items, have them removed from both before the weekend.

Server Maintenance will be happening for a few hours; please be patient as the server may be down at times but will hopefully not be down for too long at any one time.

At this current point-in-time, none of the disguise perks are working but we are doing everything we can do to fix them as quickly as possible.

~Invite your friends, family, and especially, your enemies!~