New IP is:
Written by Tomographix

Edit* The IP address will be: . You must enter the port for it to work. At this stage the server is under a whitelist so you won't be able to join.

Edit* All of the stuff you want to save must be at /warp chest by 6:30 AEST so that we can transfer it into the new map.

Well thanks to the kind donations from everyone I am very happy to announce that we will be changing to a server that is hosted in Australia! This means a lot better connection and less lag. The new server that we will be hiring will have more ram and hard drive space than the previous one.

This does mean that we will have a new IP address! I will keep you updated on this and let you know as soon as I get it.

This MEANS THAT WE ARE GETTING A NEW MAP!!! There are many instructions in-game as to how you can save your items! Each one of you will be getting a chest (possibly two depending on space). You can transfer all your items into those chests and they will be saved and taken to the new map. DONORS will get a small hut that contains around four double chests and two single chests.

We will be offering build transfers for $4. Build transfers cost money because they take up time to complete. The process involves the creation of schematics and then having to import them into the new server. Also if they were free then everyone would want one!

If you believe that your building/creation is good enough for the new map then please post it in the forums with a warp for us to see it. If we think it is good enough we will transfer it to the new map.

I would like everyone to please thank Hurcoli when you see him next in-game for the huge amount of work that he has done getting the server to 1.2. As you might know Mojang did not give people much warning about this which made it difficult for us seeing none of the plugins updated quickly. Everything should be getting back to normal from now on though.

As an apology for not getting the server up sooner we would like to give everyone 25% off their total perk purchases until Sunday the 11/3/12.