New Member Rank and Gyms Open!
Written by Archikai

Hello everyone, Archikai here!

iBlitzcrank and Myself decided that we'd implement a new rank! It's called Member. It's a free upgrade for the people who are Default and don't wish to/can't donate to the server. It includes:

  • /evolvl [pokemon] - displays what level the specified pokemon evolves at!
  • /catchrate [pokemon] - shows you the catchrate of the specified pokemon!
  • /tms [pokemon] - shows what tms the specified pokemon can learn!
  • /movelist [pokemon] - shows what moves the pokemon learns & at what level!
  • /wt [party slot] This is Wondertrade! When you select a pokemon, it sends a pokemon from the random pool in exchange! You can only do it once per hour!
  • In-Game Prefix!


On a Side note:

Gyms are now open!

If you wish to face the player gyms and elite four, look for the players with a tag saying [<type> Gym] and [<type>Elite4]!

Happy battling, and good luck in trying to reach the Hall of Fame!

Happy gaming and see you on the server!

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