New perks released!
Written by Tomographix

The new perks have finally arrived!They include:
/speed [number]
Set pet colour  Set pet ageAbility to tame mobsRide your petSpawn Pet
The commands:/petlist - Check if you have a pet. /pet [id|all] - Teleport your pet to you./petcolor [id] [ color ] - Colorize sheep and wolf collars./petfree [id|all] - Let your pet go free./petname [id] [name|random] - Name your pet./petgive [id] [player] - Give pet away/petkill [id|all] - Kill your pet./petmode [id] [a|d|p] - Change your pet to aggressive, defensive or passive (default)./petage [id] [baby|adult|lock|unlock] - Change your pet's age. Lock or unlock age./petspawn [ pet type ] [count]