New PVP Ranking System
Written by Tomographix

Hello Everyone! We have decided to change the ranking system for the PVP server!
Donor - $10- Chest Shop- 3 spawners- Set multiple homes- EXP from blocks
Knight - $20- Disguise as sheep, pig, skeleton- Create an EXP Bank- Set Personal Time- Ability to wear hats- 7 Spawners
Hero - $40- Access to /me- Ability to Mine Spawners- /butcher access- Disguise as blaze, villager - 15 Spawners
Legend - $50- Coloured Sign Access- Virtual Workbench- Disguise as sheep, zombie, enderman- Custom Name Colour- 20 Spawners
Titan - $70- Add yourself a nickname- Disguise as silverfish, cow, wolf- Access to /feed- Custom Name Prefix- 25 spawners
Already donated? PM me on the website with your EMAIL Address and get your rank on the new system!
All mcMMO abilities are free.