New Server Manager.
Written by Obeliskthegreat

Hello Pixelmon Players!

For those who do not know me, my name is Obeliskthegreat, and I am stepping up to become one of Pixelmon's Server Managers! I will be working alongside Archikai and iBlitzCrank to deliver the best Minecraft experience possible to you.

If anybody has any issues, questions, anything to report such as bug reports, or are just looking to say hi, just drop me a message and I will be happy to help!

There have been a few recent changes to the staff team, so the current staff are as follows:

Founders: Tomographix, iBlitzCrank, and Archikai,

Server Manager: Obeliskthegreat

Admins: Enhao2005 and Ozzybuns

SuperMods: _Aseria_ and Sqeakz

Mods: NovaVoid22, Redsoxnick, MegaGreifer and ShipleyHD

Helpers: [None]

We Look forward to seeing you ingame!