new trade plugin, f block & more!
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Hello there everyone! Imortal and I have an awesome new post for you all today! Enjoy!

New trading plugin!

We have a brand new trading plugin for you all to use and enjoy! The reason why we changed trading plugins is because the old plugin had a dupe glitch (no one got to abuse it) and didn't offer what our current plugin now has.

Our new plugin allows you to trade items, money AND experience. We have taken your feedback into account and have also made sure you can choose how much money and exp you want to trade without clicking 100 times to get what you want to trade.

We hope you all like this change as much as we do and we will try to improve it as time goes by.

New perks added to ranks!

We have taken all your feedback into consideration and have now added some new and awesome perks to our ranks!

The new perks are:

[Gangster] = /afk

[Hustler] = XP From blocks & Nightvision

[Thief] = Don't loose XP on death

[Ring Leader] = 2 prison cells (Still in the works)

[All Ranks] = Kit times reduced & Custom join messages (Still in the works)

Will the above being awesome and all I want to take some time to go over the /repair command for donors. The repair command has now been bumped up to $5000 per use because with the ring leader multiplier it's fairly easy to gain 5k in one or two mining sessions. We want you to work for repairing your items to make it more fun and to stop it from being abused. I hope this cleared up some questions for you all!

F Block!

If all goes to plan this weekend you should be seeing F block being released! This time we are not going to say anything, we are going to release it at random and wait for you all to find out because we are evil like that.

F Block will bring a new skill to pvp areas for all you that like pvp!

That's all I have for you all tonight! I hope you all enjoyed and I hope to see you all on the server later!

Thanks for reading!

- Imortalshard & Xgoldenman16X