New Year, New Map
Written by Tomographix

Hi everyone,

I have some very exciting news. There will be a map reset on the 1st of January (in the morning).

Why are we resetting?

Many of you have been speculating for quite a while now over the need (or lack there of) to reset for 1.15.

So while yes, we are resetting and updating to 1.15, 1.15 is not the reason of the reset.

This map is now over 8 months old, building space for new players is limited and behind the scenes we have been working on quite a few new things we would like to introduce and change.

Furthermore, the 1.14 update and wipe was a complete disaster. Typically, I have done resets with the larger updates and the associated terrain generation that comes with it.

Mojang's inability to release a bug free update over the past few years has been getting much worse. 1.14 without a doubt was an unmitigated disaster.

This means that I would prefer to not do wipes on the larger updates.

1.15 therefore, offers the perfect opportunity for a much needed reset, without all of the issues that come with an unstable release of Minecraft.

This will mean that we can simply reset the nether with a 1.16 update and avoid doing a reset.

As per usual, perks and ranks will be transferred to the new map.

Perks currently available through time display will also carry over.

Cosmetic items will be brought over onto the new map if you place them in your /cosmetic vault.

We will also attempt to bring over collectible items and you can read more about this here.

Everything else such as balances, inventories, virtual chests etc will be wiped.

If you are interested in a build transfer, you must contact me by Monday afternoon at the latest.

Send me a PM here with a warp on what you were hoping to get moved.

Please post any questions below!

Looking forward to seeing you on the new map.