News Update!
Written by Molz_Yeowie

Hey Everyone! Christmas is only 25 DAYS AWAY!!! Start getting excited guys!!!

We have opened a new feature, unique to our Tekkit server. We now have npc's who have quests for you to do! So if you feel like you've done everything on the server, think again!

Instead of having individual warps for shops/towns/events/spawners, we are currently working on 'hubs' for the different types of warps, in order to reduce the /warp list to one page. 

Dont forget everyone, event night is every Sunday night at 7pm (Melbourne time - 1 hour ahead of Queensland due to daylight savings). Come on for a chance to play some games and get free items at the drop party! 

Entries for the month-long Christmas Build Competition are now open!!! You'll have all of December to complete a wonderful winter wonderland or any other Christmas-related builds you wish too! 

The rules are as follows:

  • You have access to creative items in our new creative build world! you won't be able to take survival items in or take creative items out!
  • You can join in from the 1st to the 25th and edit your build right up until the 30th of December so we have a day to judge.
  • The build must be Christmas themed.
  • You will only be given 1 plot to build in. This plot will be fairly large but the size cannot be changed, including the build height limit of the plot.
  • You can only enter once so if you wish to collab with someone, you can't enter by yourself separately as well.
  • You can't use your build for Build of the Week
  • You cannot change the walls or door of your build and you can only build down 1 block

Prizes are:

First place: Next donator rank up (eg: Space Cadet to Spaceman)

Second place: Creative energy cell, as well as early access to new features being brought to the server

Third place: 20% off your next donator rank as well as $30,000 in game money.

Hope to see everyone building!!!!

Build of the Week

This weeks winner of Build of the week is....


Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more entries!

Hey everyone, there is a new warp for anyone who wants to party to their own beats during their relaxation time on the server! It has a potions shop selling potions for $5 (in game money) a DJ booth for anyone wanting to host a dance party and a food court if you get a bit peckish with all your awesome minecraft dancing!!!!!!! You can find all this stuff at the new warp /Warp Disco! Have fun!


Staff changes
New Staff
Changes to current staff

Event Manager:
W4CH - Building Manager
nzzane - Plugins Manager
Molz_Yeowie - Website Manager
Dashii_x - Project Coordinator/Staff
KadinBrock46 - *Away in New Zealand*
Support Staff:
Server Managers:

As always we are still looking for eager players to become helpers, so if you're interested click ' Apply ' to submit your application today! Here as well, is a ' Guide ' on how best to respond to the questions asked.

The current banned items list is ' Here ' so make sure to keep checking it so you know what is going on.

Build of the week applications have started again so get building and send in your submissions ' Here '

Well that's all for now, Until next time,

Have an awesome day!