News Update
Written by Molz_Yeowie

Few Big Changes!
There is a new player market which will be opening soon with plots available for players to rent and use to sell items so keep an eye out for it!!!
Map has been updated to 1.2.8e which is the recommended build so make sure you have the right version before you jump on.
New warps: Arena, DropParty, RollerCoaster, SpaceRace, Spleef  - All for event night on sundays!!!
A heap of staff changes have been made and are listed below!                                          | | |                                         VVV

Rank ChangesHelpers:                                       =New Staffebthing                                          = Changes to current staffnzzaneBoomChookGrumpy888SHIFTY_NUGGETZDraycia


Server Managers:Molz_YeowieSuperG33KxxjordzaxxNikon
Event Night every Sunday!!!
Event night is held every Sunday evening from 7pm until 9pm (AEST) so jump on for a fun filled night every week run by our faithful staff team!!!

Mining World and Nether reset!!!
The Mining World and the Nether will be reset on the 1st of May at 7:30pm(AEST)

Helper Applications Always Welcomed!
Don't forget that helper applications are always welcomed! So please if interested DON'T be afraid to apply