News Update

Whats Happening?
A gravestone plugin is being considered for players who die right before the clearlag plugin removes items and entities, that way your items are safe
Event night has been moved to Saturday nights and we have a new permanent event manager: SHIFTY!!!
A new event lobby is being made to better suit event night so stay tuned for when it will be released!!!

The updated staff list is below| | |VVV
New StaffChanges to current staffRank ChangesHelpers:ebthing         nzzanelerberEloweaselZrkom3
Mods:dsutc3Tutankhamun1333davidpartay Event Manager:SHIFTY_NUGGETZ
Staff Manager:Molz_Yeowie
Server Managers:SuperG33KxxjordzaxxNikon
Event Night Every Saturday!!!Event night is held every Saturday evening from 7pm until 9pm (AEST) so jump on for a fun filled night every week run by our faithful event manager SHIFTY_NUGGETZ

Mining World and Nether Reset!!!The Mining World and the Nether will be reset on the 1st of September (AEST)

Helper Applications Always Welcome!!!
Don't forget that helper applications are always welcomed! So please, if interested DON'T be afraid to apply and make sure you follow the application and use lots of detail.Do NOT nag at staff to look at your application, applications are reviewed twice a month only and if you nag it'll be denied automatically.  Other Information!!!If you are crashing the server or in a corrupted chunk, scroll down to the bottom of this page and on the left hand side, click the 'submit' button to reset you at spawn If you lose any items from the mining world and nether resets each month, you will not be reimbursed as the date is always released a month before it happens and it is announced in the shout box and on the server.
Any items lost from clearlag are not going to be reimbursed due to several warnings and such, the only time it might be considered would be when you have died right before clearlag but a fix is already underway for thisAny other questions/queries you may have, don't be afraid to ask a staff member on the server or send them a message over the forums