News Update
Written by OrphanLauncher

Server Updates!

After months of hard work and countless bug fixes, we have finally set into the 1.9 update. But we still need your support! If you encounter any bugs, mistake, misplacement, or just want something changed/added, then please contact the staff members or open a forum thread.

Zenchantments is back!

We have updated and re-enabled the custom enchantment plugin "Zenchantments" You can now craft custom arrows and enchant your gear with useful enchants! These enchants can be obtained rarely by enchanting tools or books at an Enchantment Table. You could possibly find rare, unobtainable enchants in events.

Official Events

From time-to-time we host Events. They can range from PvP Tournaments to Raid Events, and even mini-games like Deathrun, Spleef, Parkour and Capture The Flag. These events are mostly for fun and we'll sometimes even throw in some rewards to winners, so make sure you sign up for them.


Nether/End Reset

The Nether and End worlds will reset tomorrow afternoon (9th May). If you left anything in these worlds, please remove them or they will be lost forever. (We won't offer any refunds on items you lost.)