NPC Gyms, Elite Trainers and Me - Update 3.4.0
Written by Ozzybuns

Hello Pixelmon Players!

(Do I sound like Obe yet?)

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I, Ozzy

So hey guys, It’s been a while. As most of you have probably noticed (or not, whatever goats your boat) I haven’t been entirely active recently. Like, at all. For the past couple of months and I’ve super busy with work, school and procrastinating – aka playing gmod – so I unfortunately haven’t been able to help much with the revival of the server (I’m sorry D:). And also whilst we are on that topic I’d like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Obeliskthegreat for all of his hard work as without him, SS Pixelmon would be no more.

NPC Gyms

Woohoo! The NPC Gym system will finally be returning to the server and this time they'll be based on the gyms of the best Pokemon region ever (Johto)! I'm aiming to get at least the first 4-5 gyms done by this weekend and I'll work on the rest from there on. As soon as they are available you will be able to go and challenge them to earn the 8 badges which may or may not be important later on so keep a hold of them ;) The NPC Gyms are as follows:

Flying: Levels 20-30 /warp gym1 or /warp flyinggym

Bug: Levels 30-40    /warp gym2 or /warp buggym

Normal: Levels 40-50  /warp gym3 or /warp normalgym

Ghost: Levels 50-60  /warp gym4 or /warp ghostgym

Fighting: Levels 60-70  /warp gym5 or /warp fightinggym

Steel: Levels 70-80  /warp gym6 or /warp steelgym

Ice: Levels 80-90  /warp gym7 or /warp icegym

Dragon: Levels 90-100  /warp gym8 or /warp dragongym

Elite Trainers (name in progress) [NEW]

This here is a new 'scheme' for the server. It's basically just a compacted version of the older player Gyms/Elite 4 that we used to have, but due to decreased player activity we have to change it up a bit so it can actually function. For each of the types in Pixelmon (17), we are hoping to have an 'Elite Trainer' who will specialize in their specific typing at either level 50 or 100. It's just like the old style in that we will have gym badges and prizes will be given out upon victory. Eventually we will also hopefully have a building for each of the types so you have a unique place to battle - but for now it will just have to be in the public arena. Current Elite Trainers and the application format can be found HERE

Update: NPC Gyms 1-5 have been done. The NPCs have a habit of wandering around the Gyms even though they're set so they shouldn't...so if the leader is missing just take a look around and they should be there :P If not, send me a mail asap

~Ozzybuns (+ some help from Obe)