Perk Shop Changes and more!
Written by Tomographix

The Survival perk shop has had a major facelift and had a whole range of new options added! Categories have been added to make it easier to find and select perks.

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We have replaced our old chest plugin with SkyChests. It will have imported your old /chest data into the new format.

This should prevent the corruption and chest switching issues that were occuring.

You can also buy /chest expansions in the perk shop now! Move between the extra chests with either the emerald in the chest or by typing /skychests (number)

Individual Mob Disguises

As requested we have added individual mob disguises to the perk shop! You can also buy some unique disguises not available in the packages as well including:

- Undead Horse

- Skeleton Horse

- Endermite

- Guardian

- And more!

Mob Disguise Packs

The mob disguise packs have been expanded and now include more disguises.

Mob Disguise - Friendly Mobs Pack

Disguise as the following mobs:
- Cat
- Chicken
- Cow
- Donkey
- Horse
- Mule
- Cow
- Snowman
- Ocelot
- Pig
- Sheep
- Squid
- Villager
- Wolf

Mob Disguise - Bad Mobs Pack

Disguise as the following mobs:
- Cave Spider
- Creeper
- Enderman
- Pig Zombie
- Silverfish
- Skeleton
- Slime
- Spider
- Zombie
- Blaze
- Silverfish
- Magma Cube
- Witch
- Zombie Villager
- Wither

Mob Disguise - Items Pack

Disguise as the following mobs:
- Arrow
- Boat
- Egg
- Ender Pearl
- EXP Orb
- Firework
- Minecart
- Minecart with Chest
- Minecart with Furnace
- Minecart with Hopper
- Minecart with TNT
- Painting
- Primed TNT
- Snowball

Check out the changes at: