Pet Blocks and Website Updates!
Written by Tomographix

Pet Blocks

Animal pets were soo last year! Introducing the brand new donor perk - Pet Blocks. The trendy addition to your ingame character!

Choose from a range of different 'souls' for your petblock and then have fun with a whole range of disguises! Your pet block will follow you around ingame.

For more info checkout this perk in the shop!

Website Updates

As you have noticed stage 1 of the website re-design has started! This involved a brand new menubar and some general theme changes. These changes are designed to fix a variety of bugs that we had with the old menubar as well as substantially improve loadtimes for the site.

This also means that a number of URLS have changed.

Survival Forums: www.skyservers.net/survivalforums

Perk Shop: www.skyservers.net/survivalshop

Rewards: www.skyservers.net/survivalrewards

Staff App: www.skyservers.net/survivalapps

Creator App: www.skyservers.net/creatorapp

Please let me know if you find any bugs!