Written by iBlitzcrank

PixelMC Presents Pixelworld!

PixelMC Is proud to present Pixelworld!

Pixelworld is a role-play adventure map currently consisting of the Hoenn region!

The map has been designed and built by a proffessional cartogropher to represent all Pokemon regions to date!

Regions and towns have been built to look like your favourite pokemon games to allow for the ultimate adventure experience!

Tired of adventuring around the map for one day? Got enough badges in that badge case?

Why not build yourself a house to store your items that you have collected on your adventure with your very own plot!

- To join Pixelworld from the lobby right click your compass and select the pixelworld block.

- To join pixelworld from another PixelMC server type into your chat bar /server pixelworld.

Hope to see you on the server soon!

Happy trails!

~PixelMC Staff Team