Pixelmon 3.1.4
Written by Been7770

Hi everyone!
The server will be updating to pixelmon 3.1.4 tonight so it would be a good idea to download it in preparation. There will be a short amount of downtime but it should not last too long.
Thank you for your patience.

Been & Sabre
The update was successful! There are still some bugs, e.g. the mob spawns being very low. This is a bug with Pixelmon and hopefully it'll be fixed soon :)
As for some events, there will be one on the 16th of July @ 7PM Pacific Time or the 17th of July @ 12PM for Australians Eastern Time. There are also some surprises coming around on the weekend :)
This will consist of a minigames hosted by Darth_Subtility and some free pokemon being given out to all players on the server during that time!
Thanks everyone for staying through with us during this very hard time with bugs being dealt with!