Player of the Month! (July)
Written by Australiss

Thank you all for the Votes! You have all been so Prodigious! Being so helpful to those that need it. You are what makes this server a Community, rather than just a 'Server'!

I'll be acting the role of Events Admin until TitanGod_  comes back from his break :)

I would like to award the title Player of the month to:

You have been a wonderful and valuable staff member, Ever since the beginning, Thank you for all the hard work and always keeping a positive attitude! keep up the good work :)

Remember to Nominate via the Link

And to vote via (Link will be available on 21st July)

Best of luck for July Potm!

I would also like to announce the winner of the chat reactions to:

Always quick with the responses, With hundreds of words in the reactions, you Deciphered them quickly with 522 wins :)

Please Message steev_93 for your prize!


'Acting Event Admin'