plots, crate keys & updates!
Written by Xgoldenman16X

Hello again prison people! Imortal and I are sorry to leave you without an update post for a month now! From now on we will be trying to post monthly or if we really want to announce something, not monthly. Now let's get started!

I Block:

As I am typing this, Imortal and our two awesome admins have been working to solve bugs and other issues to get this amazing prison block out for you all! This amazing prison block was build by our lovely founder Tomographix and Fadez (An operator on the survival server).

This prison is all about trying to stay warm while being confined to real life prison areas. This means PVP, mining and probably more PVP. Make sure to take some matches with you also! Enjoy!

General Fixes:

Over the past month Imortal, MW, Wrath and I have been hunting down bugs and things that need to be fixed along with the help from you people also! Here is a list of things that we have fixed/improved:

>> People should no longer be able to get over the barrier walls as they have now been extended.
>> We have fixed the bug with not being able to place/break inside the cells in H block.
>> The crafting tables in G block are now able to be used.
>> B block pvp safe zones so you can pass certain pvp areas without getting boxed in.

If you guys find any bugs or things that need to be tweaked or fixed, please let an admin or server manager know!

This months plans:


THAT'S RIGHT! Plots are coming to prison! Plots will allow you all to build on your own large plot to create a house or something that will look amazing! This is still in the early stages of development but will be worth the wait!

The plot world will have it's own shop where you can purchase materials (for in-game money) to make your amazing builds! Each month after the plot world has been released, the admins will be hosting a build competition every month to give out amazing rewards like money, rank upgrades and possibly rare commands!

Crate Keys:

Crate keys are like boxes that give you rewards when opened! We plan to make this kind of like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare supply drops. We have a solid plan set in motion for this and we are planning to release this in the coming weeks.

Some of the rewards you can expect to gain from these crate can be anywhere from money, tokens, rare commands, gear and much more! We are still working on how you players will be able to gain keys also.

New help command:

As we are working on all the above, we are also working on a more functional /help command. This new help command will function 100 times better then the original one and will be more beneficial for the server. More information will be provided upon the release of this feature!


Wrath and MW (our awesome admins) are working on some more casual events you you all! This includes parkour and mazes. These awesome little games to help pass the time will have rewards each time you complete one! I'm sure they will keep you updated with the progress!


That is all we have for you all at this point in time. This is going to be one awesome month! Enjoy!