Possible map reset: Yay or Nay?
Written by Aussie

Hello everyone, this is SM ~Aussie here to bring you guys a little bit of news on the status of our server.

As you all would know, our current map is in a terrible shape...
There is biomes inside biomes, there's corrupt chunks everywhere & I for one, know I can't even regenerate these chunk errors because there is nothing to regenerate.
The time has come for everyone to stand up & be counted!

I will be making a poll on the forums about resetting the map, I need everyone's input, this is not my decision & my decision alone, this is all of your hard work we are talking about.

It will be a total blanking, the map, the economy, player files...

However, ranks will be kept, as well as perks, you will however lose all of your inventory's, backpacks & such.

Please vote here!http://tinyurl.com/mmzf4zh