PVP Changes

Hey all,The PVP server has now been running for 3 weeks now and we are really happy with the rate at which it is growing! Thanks to the large number of donations we have been able to upgrade the RAM on the server. If the donations continue then you will see the End re-appear very soon! Until then here are some changes that we have made to the PVP server.
World BorderTo reduce the lag on the server we have set a world border of 8000*8000. As we get more donations this can be expanded. If you have lost items due to this please contact _Sabre
PVP StatisticsThey will be arriving late tonight or early tomorrow! You will be able to view you faction information  friends etc. Eventually you will be able to see a map of your faction and upload a banner!
Forum TagsI am currently doing the donor and staff tags for the PVP server. They will appear next to your name in the forums!
StaffPlease congratulate Darth_subtility on becoming a moderator on the server! He will be able to assist you with any needs. If you would like to apply to become a staff member then click here.
PVP PerksThanks to all of those who have donated so far! Today we are finally allowing people to purchase mob-spawners. $5 for three spawners. You can get skeleton, zombie, spider spawners - more coming soon. Simply ask an Admin in-game to change their type once you have placed them. Please note that you can't move them once they are placed.
Great to see so many people online!Tomographix