PVP Tournament
Written by Zylon

PVP Tournament

Saturday, 22nd of July, 1:30pm AEST

What is a PVP Tournament?

A PVP Tournament is made up of many 1 vs 1 rounds in god gear. The loser will get eliminated and the winner moves onto the next round. Both players are given the same gear and mcmmo is disabled meaning the fights are determined by skill.

All of the fights are in the PVP world at /warp arena. The arena's entrances will be blocked off to everyone apart from the two fighters so no one can run into the arena and sabotage the fights. There is a safe viewing area for people to stand and watch the fights from.

First PVP Tournament

Register to be apart of the PVP Tournament here.

The winner will get awarded a unique rank for a week called Champion. Champion will get access to a GKit every day which includes protection 4 unbreaking 3 armour with very powerful custom enchants at random levels. The champion will also be given a weopon of their choice with OP enchants.

Good luck to all the players competing!