Raid Event
Written by Zylon

Raid Event

Saturday - 15th of July, 1:30pm AEST

What is a raid event?

A raid event is a new event which will be happening on AusPvP every couple weeks. It is a group event where you, your faction and your allies all can team up to raid a base made by the staff team. The goal of a raidevent is to get the valuable loot inside and stop your enemies from beating you to it. PvP is kept on during raid events and it is encouraged for people to go and sabotage their opponents, this could mean anything from blowing up their cannon or constantly killing them and not allowing them to focus on the raid.

Since there is no one on the raid events team you'll only have to protect your cannon only from your enemies. This can be achieved by building a box around your cannon then pouring water onto the box or by fighting off your opponents in PvP. Protecting your cannon will require lots of teamwork and is almost impossible to do by yourself.

Raiding a raid event isn't an easy task, especially if you don't know what a cannon is or how to build one. TNT cannons can sound and look very complicated to a new person as most things do but once you wrap your mind around them it gets much simpler. There are many youtubers which make great tutorials on how to cannon but I suggest checking out these two because they helped me the most, Dexter113 and TNT MADNESS. What videos talking about the basics such as 20 stackers and 40 stackers then work on your skills from there.

The first raid event of the map!

Since this is the first raid event of the map it will be easy with no complicated base defences.


  • 10 straight water walls
  • 3 Roof layers
  • Obsidian Box

This base is worth around 5 million dollars to the team which manages to get the loot.

Raid Event