Rank Changes + TP and Home Killing Update
Written by Tomographix

Hello Everyone!

We have made some changes to the added benefits that you automatically receive with donation.


+ Now has coloured sign access

- Sky Island


+ Kit Start access

- Coloured signs


+ Sky Island Access

- Kit start

In addition Sky Islands must be built on fully within two weeks of being claimed. It is fustrating to see half-built or empty skyislands when some silver donors were unable to get a spare one.

Staff Crackdown on TP and Home Killing

Staff are now cracking down on TP and Home killing and new plugins have been installed to start preventing this. I don't want to disable PVP world wide but there are simply too many issues being caused by players not following the rules. Some clarfication:

PVP is allowed anywhere on the map except in player homes.

Don't forget to keep the build entries rolling in!