Recent Staff Changes
Written by Buckets_of_Frogs

Hey all, just another update on recent staff changes!

As some of you would know, last week the staff team shifted a little.

The updated staff list is as follows:

New Staff.     Promotions.

Founder: Tomographix

Server Manager: Steev_93

Staff Manager: RedCardKatarina

Admin: xzotic713, Hay_meme

Super Mod: CominTHRU, TheVenomousCow,

Argentino1, FartGoblins

Mod: Vreiture, XAnna_Dah_PandaX,

CCamoCCow, Josh9722

Helper: degitDJ, will_galbraith, MyFinalMinutesYT,

wackkojackooR, cooldjcool, SilentxAssasin1

As always, if you think you have what it takes, apply at


We always welcome applications, and remember to work

hard in game to show us you mean it!

That's all for now, until next time!