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Redstone is now back and working for all users.

However, Redstone is not to be taken advantage off with large objects. If this happens all admins have the permission of Steev to remove that object without warning, and no items will be returned.

This includes excessively tall automatic generators, and objects with a high number of moving pistons, as we want this server lag free, so please follow these guidelines.

If Redstone does get abused, it will be blocked for everyone again. One person can ruin this for everyone, so if you see any lag generators, let us know!

Staff Manager

Posted by RedCardKatarina, on behalf of Steev

Also, with the opening of SkyHub, a brand new SkyBlock Wars will be opened! It has heaps of handmade maps, sweet kits, and now: Options can be edited each game via a voting system! Huge jumps, OP chests, rain, you name it! Hop on at 10:00am AEST on Saturday 23rd May (20.5 hours from now).

Any bugs with Skywars or Redstone, contact the Admin team immediately.

Thanks, Red.