Server Rules
Written by Tomographix

Welcome! The rules detailed below have been set so that everyone can enjoy playing on the server! Please read and abide by them. Our Moderator team are there to assist with keeping them

[1] Chat Misconduct

Sky Servers is a G rated, family-friendly server that actively promotes a welcoming community for all users! The information listed below is the sort of behaviour we do not wish to see displayed in our chat.

[A] Spamming

  1. 4+ lines in a row will be deemed as line spam
  2. Roughly 15+ characters in a row or spammed will result in a warning or further punishment
  3. PMs are included
  4. Relogging an excessive amount of times
  5. Mass use of /pay or /tpa requests

[B] Abuse of /helpop

  1. Helpop exists for those who need help, not for those who wish to have a casual convo or complain

[C] Swearing, inappropriate comments, racism, hate speech, intentional bypass of the filter, harrasment etc.

  1. PMs included if deemed as excessive and/or completely unnecessary.
  2. Parties included.

[D] Begging for money, items or ranks

  1. A minimum of once every 5 minutes is acceptable

[F] English only in general chat

  1. This also includes the disallowance of special characters and text font
  2. Items with non-English names are not allowed
  3. Other languages are allowed through PMs and Party chat

[G] Controversial Topics

  1. Political discussion, religious beliefs etc.
  1. Sky Servers does not condone such behaviour. Any form of discussion and/or threatening behaviour can result in an instant ban

[2] Disallowed Gameplay Actions

We do not allow the creation of any and all forms of inappropriate, disturbing or inconvenient gameplay creations that can affect a players day-to-day activities on the server. A list can be seen below. If you stumble across any of the following, please notify staff!

[A] Inappropriate builds, signs & books (swearing, racism etc.)

[B] Inappropriate item names (swearing, racism etc.)

[C] Inappropriate pet names (swearing, racism etc.)

[D] Inappropriate region greetings & farewells (swearing, racism etc.)

[E] Inappropriate parties name (swearing, racism etc.)
[F] Death-traps

  1. This also includes portal traps

[G] Advertising player shops or business opportunities via the Auction House

[H] Auto-clicker or Macro that helps aid via a gameplay advantage

  1. Auto-clickers cannot be used even under the context of a 'joke'

[I] Scamming

  1. Renaming items and listing them on the Auction house
  2. Advertising a ChestShop that displays an item it's selling, yet once bought it gives them something completely different etc.

[J] Setting inappropriately named warps (swearing, racism etc.)

[K] Inactive warps

  1. If a warp is set but not in use, staff are granted permission to remove the warp for someone else. It is at staff discretion if a warp is deemed as 'inactive'
  2. Multiple warps with similar names (XP, EXP, enchant, enchants etc.) that all go to the same place will result in one or more of the warps being removed.

[L] Abuse of visual glitches

  1. The act of 'floating' in lava at a specific point where you can see underneath lava clearly
  2. Looking through walls via F5 to view cave systems in an attempt to find ores, spawners etc.

[M] Non Consensual PVP in the wild and at public warps/regions without notifying users immediately as they enter the region

  1. Notifying that PVP is enabled must be done via a noticeable option like region greetings, signs etc.
  2. Public warps include; XP farms, Public builds (BOTM, Creator apps etc.), Shops, Public Enchantment areas etc.
  3. Coming across players in the wild and killing them without both parties agreeing to pvp
  4. Keeping player's items from agreed pvp when initially agreed to return

[N] Teleporting into players home without their permission using Chorus Fruit or Enderpearls

[O] Building within 60 blocks of other players claims without their permission

  1. Staff will notify you via /mail or PMs when they find out about the build that you have 3 days to move your build. Failure to do so will result in Staff having to handle it, and you will not receive any items / blocks.

[P] Using a breadcrumb mod

  1. Disallowed due to the fact it will direct you to ores you have not seen.

[Q] Impersonating staff and players via region greetings / farewells

  1. Using a region greeting / farewell to trick a player into thinking they've received a message from staff / other players
  2. Using a region greeting / farewell to trick a player into thinking staff or other players have joined / left the server

[R] Creating a Profit Shop

  1. Creating chestshops that sell items well below market value to in turn allow players to purchase from the player and sell at market for money. This includes stores connected to farms such as cactus, sugarcane and mob grinders.

[3] Respect all players and staff

A friendly community that welcomes anyone and everyone is the type of environment Sky Servers pushes for. The following behaviour is not welcome nor appreciated when targeted towards our players and staff. If you believe you are a victim of such behaviour, please do not hesitate to message our staff.

[A] Intentional and excessive targeted trolling

  1. Skin theft - This will be enforced on a case-by-case basis, but will mostly be enforced when dealing with a custom created skin.
  2. Changing your name to be similar to others without their permission

[B] Discrimination (racism, sexism, personal beliefs etc.)

[C] Insulting other players

[D] Spreading malicious, fake information about other players

[4] Advertising

Sky Servers has a strict no-advertising policy. If found doing so it can result in an instant mute, and eventually a ban. Advertising via the listed actions is not allowed.

  1. Chat
  2. PMs
  3. Signs & books
  4. Builds
  5. Renaming of items and pets
  6. Parties

Please note, we do allow the mentioning of popular, whitelisted YouTube series;

  > > SMPLive

  > > Hermitcraft

  > > Mindcrack

  > > CrewCraft etc.

[5] Account responsibility

Your account, your responsibility. You are responsible for any misconduct committed through your account, specifically involving the actions listed below.

  1. Inappropriate skins (sexual, racism etc.)
  2. Inappropriate names (sexual, racism etc.)
  3. Inappropriate capes (sexual, racism etc.)

[6] Alt misconduct

The use of alts used for any actions listed below is restricted. We do this to promote fairness for those who are unable to pay for new Minecraft accounts, and to control the possible in-game abuse.

  1. Bypassing punishment on alts
  2. Voting on alts
  3. Bypassing the 10 spawner limit set per player using alts

  >>> Player's cannot be used to bypass this limit unless they are actively     involved in the project. Who is deemed as 'active' and 'inactive' is at the     discretion of Management.

[7] Griefing

The destruction of builds and the theft of items that do not belong to you is deemed as grief. If you stumble across a base that is not claimed, it does not mean you are allowed to destroy it. Examples of griefing can include the following.

  1. Destruction of players builds
  2. Theft of items
  3. Building around a players house / claim in an attempt to harass or block them
  4. Creating lava casts near or on a base or around the map
  5. Killing pets or animals obviously belonging to a player

[8] Cheating

Sky Servers actively punishes those who wish to make the playing environment unfair and unsafe for the average user. You can find a list of actions classified as cheating below.

  1. X-Ray or hacked client, including texture packs or shaders to see underneath lava easier.
  2. Duping
  3. Exploiting

 >>> This includes abusing the clay mining trick, the lapis mining trick etc.

[9] AFK Farming

We do not allow the act of AFK farming in the vicinity of auto farms because it creates unnecessary amounts of lag for the server and the players on it. It can also unbalance the economy. It is recommended you be 3+ chunks away from an auto farm so it is not active. AFK farming includes the following.

  1. You will be deemed as AFK if you cannot reply to staff within 2-5 minutes
  2. AFKing at manual farms is okay (wheat, carrot etc.)
  3. AFKing at mob spawners / XP farms

Management reserves the right to apply a permission to you that’ll deem you AFK after 2 minutes of inactivity IF we believe you repeatedly sit still at auto farms. We encourage players to remain active in certain situations by moving around to prevent any accidents. Attempts to bypass this feature will result in further punishment.

[10] Disallowed Gens & Farms

The following build structures and mob farms are disallowed for the health of the server.

[A] Laggy creations

  1. 0 tick farms
  2. Massive redstone contraptions
  3. Builds that cause mass FPS drop
  4. Intentional creations only built with the attempt to lag the server, players etc.

[B] Generators and farms

  1. Cobblestone generators
  2. Stone generators
  3. Basalt generators
  4. Gold farms
  5. Iron farms
  6. Witch farms
  7. Drowned farms
  8. Obsidian generators etc.

[11] Perk Abuse

The use of perks and or available server commands that benefit yourself or others with an unfair advantage, or simply disturbs other players' gameplay. If you are found abusing perks purchased from our website store, it may result in having said perk(s) removed. The following is a list of said abuse.

[A] Setting homes or warps in another player's base without their permission

[B] TP killing (using /tpa, /tp, /home and killing a player instantly)

[C] Repairing other players items

[D] Setting warps for other players

  1. Includes reserving warps for others

[E] Selling warps

[F] Setting warps using a player or staff member's name without their permission

[G] Using the compass perk to gain access into someone else's base, or other sections in their base without their permission

[H] Using spawnmob for others

  1. Includes using the perk around other players

[I] Abusing fly, god etc. whilst in PVP

[J] TPing to someone without their permission

[12] Giving out free items

Giving out free items and cash is no longer allowed as it ruins the server gameplay. We wish to promote that players upon joining the server, play for the objective of survival and not be spoon-fed items to speed up their progress. Although this rule mostly targets new players, it will also include older players to keep it fair for everyone.

This means, that no items or cash are to be handed out freely to players, no matter whether you are a Default or a SkyGod. This rule does not apply to those sharing a region (temporarily sharing a region to bypass this is not allowed). Currently, the following will count as said abuse:

[A] Giving out free items

[B] Giving out free cash

[C] Listing of items on /ah for free

[D] Giving out free skylights

[E] Using a low cost for a typically expensive item to get around this rule

> i.e giving players diamonds in exchange for $1 or giving 1 dirt for 64 diamonds

These rules are liable to be changed at any time. It is up to you to be kept up-to-date so no issues can possibly arise from a decision you make on Sky Servers.

If at any point you are unsure about a rule, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member.