Sky Inspire January - March
Written by KingBob12th

Hello Sky Servers!Thank you for everybody's input into the poll I put up a few weeks ago on the future of Sky Inspire.Thanks to the feedback I have a schedule and competition for the next three months.The general consensus was that we wanted around the same number of videos (I've decided 3 every two months) and more variety, but shorter lengths.

January - Week 4 Speedbuild/cinematic Dependent on the people involved, there will be a speed build and or cinematic.
February - Week 2Build battleFeaturing team fence and our next team, including two competition winners.
February - Week 4Cinematic Featuring a build from one or more of sky inspire's builders.
March - Week 2TimelapseAn awe-inspiring timelapse designed by one of our builders.

CompetitionHere is your chance to be in a sky inspire video - the only two prizes being apart of the teams in the next build battle in february.
Rules:You are to create a promotional video/build for Sky Inspire, this could be simply a video, a build featuring the SI logo or something to do with SI.Teams are allowed, no more than 4You have until the end of JanuaryAny entrants must be available in the first week/weekend of February