Sky Lock

Hey guys!
I've been away the past few days making this custom protection system to keep your stuff safe.
When you place a container, a protection will be auto-created in your name.
When you break said container, that protection will be deleted, of course.
You can edit your protection by entering the commands below whilst directly looking at the container.
Note: You must be the owner to make changes to the protection.
The commands are:-Protect Create                                       ~ Creates a protection-Protect Delete                                       ~ Deletes a protection-Protect Add <player1> <player2>...        ~ Adds a list of players to the protection-Protect Remove <player1> <player2>...  ~ Removes players from the protection-Protect Info                                          ~ Gives Infomation on a protection-Protect Help                                         ~ Shows a list of the commands
Note: The command Must be entered like "-Protect Create".      
Not like: "/protect blah"
This system is new, and is still in beta atm, so please report and bugs found.
Thanks guys and enjoy your protected containers!~mrfrase3