Sky Radio!

Hey guys
Just a nice little update on some info for everyone... We Now Have A Radio Station! Yes that's right, a radio station, Sky Radio is now on the air!
Keep in mind that we have never run a Internet radio before so it'll take some time to get used to, and build up from scratch. At the moment it is just me and Zombytekid broadcasting but hopefully as time moves on, we will get more DJ's!
Also whilst your there, make sure you hit the "I Like" button. Once we have reached 100 likes, then we will be able to record live shows and play them back later as podcasts while we are offline!!!
As a side note, Administration would like to remind everyone that Anyone who is found to Take, Give, Sell or Buy Any spawned items will have their inventories wiped, all their builds lost, balances wiped, receive jail time and have their expensive perks removed.
So just don't do it!
If you accidentally have any spawned items come into your possession, then we have lava bins at the market for you to dispose of them. Use the Lava Bins and not the market trade signs!!!
That's all folks, have fun!~ mrfrase3