Sky Server Updates
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

The NEW YEAR is finally here!! So here is a news update for Sky Servers Events!
Update News- XP Keeper >

Now we are awaiting an update for this but, problems have come up to people not being able to create a XP-Sign cause one already exists. This is cause you reset your island over it. if you have reset your island without first removing you sign then you will not be able to create one. To all who cannot create a sign please comment your name below as to fix this requires a lot of editing from Pvmac.

- /trails will hopefully be updated soon as well
Christmas Build Comp WinnersDue to only having 4 entries, they 4 players will all receive something.
Please note that future build comps will not go ahead unless we get Participation in them.
Event GuidelinesThe Punishment Guidelines will be changing this week, to suit better for everyone.
VotingWe have changed the Rewards for Voting; Rabbit Egg's, not Horse Egg's can now be received. So vote at www.skyservers.net/evote
Player of the MonthCongratulate Fart on Winning Player of the Month, Cast your next Nominations here: http://goo.gl/u3pUrh