Sky Server Updates
Written by Mr.Clown Steevie Steev_93

Since the Reset I'd like to thank to those players who have reported bugs/glitches it was a big help.

Challenges - We are working on adding more and more challenges for the players on Skyblock, We are just having a hard time thinking on Rewards. We would like your feedback on what you would like to receive as rewards in challenges!

Chat Plugin - Saturday night, we introduced a new chat plugin to Sky Servers Skyblock. so far this chat plugin has been working really well. We have changed up a few things so it makes Skyblock a safer environment for all to play!

Christmas Surprise - Christmas is around the corner and we have a Special surprise only to be released on Christmas Eve/Day!

Player Shops - Since the reset and the new warping system, players can access any shop warp listed if set by doing "/warp list" making this more convenient for players who need access to shops!

Nether - The nether has been reset with the benefit of becoming easier for players, the warp "Nether" has been deleted and the only way of access the nether is through a portal of your island. Players always asked me what is the use of a "Nether Portal" well I have fixed this issue.

Custom Recipes - Unsure how to get Redsand? Dush Bushes? You may now Craft and Burn these Items!

"Sand with 8 Red Dye"                             "Burning Dark Oak"

Homes - All Ultimate Ranks  "/sethome" has been fixed for the Nether.

SS Reaction - SS Reaction is now doing monthly comps and the top winner at the end of each month will receive a prize! To check where you are? Simply type "/reaction wins or /reaction top"

Staff Changes (New)

Helpers: Johno1, AngelBlossom, Blutifulgirl, Bleze18, LittleMissTalker

Mods: xx_Unkown_ID_xx (Degit), Vreiture, TitanGod_

SuperMods:  Josh9722, CominTHRU, XAnna_Dah_PandaX, ServerMum (Daizi)

Pseudo-Admin: LeprechaunMagic

Admins: xzotic713, Argentino1, TheVenomousCow

Staff Manager: RedCardKatarina

Server Manager: Steev_93